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By: Ebony Eddens | The Learning Activity | Websites
Why Are Oceans Important?

Hi, my name is Ebony Eddens.  I am the daughter of Marethea Eddens and Thomas Riddley Jr.  I graduated from Pineview High School with a diploma and a GPA of 2.8 in 2003 under the principalship of Felton C. Evans.  The following August I came to Northwest Tech/Homer Campus where Rev. Titus Walker is the administrator.  I am here to learn more about computers and to do what it takes to become a Computer Specialist.




My Topic

Why Are Oceans Important?

For starters, oceans cover about two-thirds of the Earth's surface and help create the atmosphere in which plants, humans and animals can live.  They are the planet's life-support system, consuming carbon dioxide and producing between one-third and one-half of the world's oxygen.
Sencondly, these great bodies of water impact our weather and climate.  Finally, as home to thousands of species of fishes and invertebrates, oceans provide an important part of the global food chain.  Bothe marine mammals and humans depend heavily on healthy fishes and healthy fishes and healthy oceans for food.  Unless the oceans remain healthy, whales, dolphins, other marine mammals - and even people - will not survive.